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PURE GRAFFITI.What do you write? and is their a story behind that name?
KARE. I write Kare one from Philadelphia. It's kinda of a mushy one , basically I cared alot about the people I knew. so hence to make a little hardkore changed the c to the k
PURE GRAFFITI.What age did you start writing?
KARE. at age 11 in 1980
PURE GRAFFITI. Which writers and artists most inspired you?
KARE. when I was ten I saw tags of philly legends Deadhead, Ziggy, mr. blint, the xtc crew. when I hit High school I was into of course seen, duster and all the nyc writers. I was also inspired and challanged by the artists coming up around my time Braze, Suroc, Espo, Met, Share (Vet), Dazer.....
PURE GRAFFITI. What do you like the most and least about "graffiti" culture?
KARE. The best thing was that I was around when there wasn't anything that wild as pertained to style. It was the developing years. It's hard to explain to new writers the feeling of seeing graffiti grow into this world wide craze.
PURE GRAFFITI.What crew(s) are you in?
KARE. AFU (all fucked up), Bold Art, ICY (inner city youth), QM8
PURE GRAFFITI.What is Graffiti all about to you?
KARE. in the early years it was about bombing, walls, mailboxes, bathroom walls, scratch tags on the septa bus windows, etc. Now graffiti has helped my mindto be more open minded and make me think that is endless ways your imagination can take you.
PURE GRAFFITI.What do you think about writers who are out for fame?
KARE. We'll graffiti is all about fame. whether it's bombing , throw's, pieces, whatever. Fame for me is that people know who I am and that I'm one of the best. as does everyone else in the world...hahahaha
PURE GRAFFITI.Do you think Graffiti these days all looks the same?
KARE. Yes I do in the new younger writers, I think it takes years to develop "original style". The younger writers see like the "fx" crew who are awesome and steal some ideas and call there stuff orinal and they have just started writing......
PURE GRAFFITI.Do you think Graffiti has reached its limits or do you think amazing new styles will keep arising?
KARE. always I develop new styles all the time. I do about 2-3 outlines a day. mostly all pen outlines to develop new letters, connections and so on. The best way to know that styles are getting better is that you look at writers from the old skool to their stuff present day. they evovled over the years.
PURE GRAFFITI.What are your thoughts on OLD SKOOL Graffiti and present day?
KARE. if there were no pioneers there wouldn't be style today. Old Skool iswhere my heart lies. seeing the freshly painted nyc subway's just an incredibly rush
PURE GRAFFITI.What do you think about Graffiti on the internet?
KARE. it's easy to get noticed now, and also easier to see stuff around theworld.
PURE GRAFFITI. How do you feel about trainwriting?
KARE. Nyc Subway cars in the eighties...enuff said
PURE GRAFFITI. Who do you believe your audience is, writers or regular folks?
KARE. Both. I really like helping out young writers and teach them how to develop there own originality.
PURE GRAFFITI. Is graffiti political? should it be more so?
KARE. what ever floats the artists boat.
PURE GRAFFITI. How did you develop such good technical painting and drawing skills? What can the rest of us do to sharpen our own?
KARE. keep sketchin' all the time..... use your personality and inner self......
PURE GRAFFITI. What other media do you work in besides spray paint? How do you feel about using airbrushes?
KARE. I'm realy into 3d animation as seen on the intro to "Street Soilders" on the go video
PURE GRAFFITI.What are your feelings about more experienced writers reffering to younger learning writers as "TOYS"?
KARE. usaully toys call writers toys. old skool guys know that they are trying to get better. but i guess your a toy before you are a master
PURE GRAFFITI. If you could teach or tell the kids something, what would it be?
KARE. stay original and true to the culture
PURE GRAFFITI.Is their anything else you would like to add that was not asked in the interview?
KARE. yes I like to give a shout out to my younger brother Sat-one, Snow, Braze, Espo, Suroc, Dazer, Praez, Pre, Pkay, Meez......... and to all who I know and respect.. peace

A special thanks to KARE for participating in Pure Graffiti!