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  • High-pressure? low-pressure? WTF????

    My dad just offered to buy me some art supplies, and I figured the only thing I don't have is spray paint. I was looking at spray paint Online and I noticed that a lot of brands organize by pressure. Question: how does pressure affect the paint and, by extension, the art piece?

    A dumb question I know, but I want to get my (dad's) moneys-worth.

    TFFI (Thanks For the Fucking Info), Nat.21

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    Ahhhh. Parents credit cards how nice.

    The pressure determines how fast spray paint comes out.
    If you're starting out I recommend using low pressures first. It helps with the can control.

    Low pressures are usually used for detail pieces and high pressures are used for fast action painting and bombing.

    Good high pressure paints are Mtn hardcore (recommend this one) and Montana Black

    Good mid pressure paints are Montana Gold (if you press hard you will get Higher pressure if you press light you will get thin low pressure pines) or Sabotaz 80

    Good low pressures are belton molotow premium (amazing paint but can be quite costly)

    In the end it's yo daddy's money so the choice is yours


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      low pressure also allows for better fades... ect

      high pressure shoots out more paint faster, better for fills... ect


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        Yes!!! Daddys credit card.. Hundreds of great uses... It really depends what you want to do... Pieces canvases you want low pressure... Bombing fat lines throwies you want high-pressure... I say you should get some sabatoz 80 from oinkart... Good price and great paint... Make sure to get caps


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          low pressure-perfect for detail used for leagals low pressur is montanna 94 and the low pressure belton you can get

          high pressure-perfect for speed dubs tags peices witch are illeagal high pressure belton or hardcore is good for that