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    some oldies i figured id throw in the mix . .

    sadik for your style (which is like mine but more stiff/straight line) an M should be one of your money letters buddy . . likin the sigma, not really feelin how the G is up and off tilt with the other letters thoo, the A looks alil big . . like seein your stuff sorry if i over crit it


    • #92
      some outlines i done today


      • #93
        Evil, second isn't a outline!
        but hella dope sketches!
        same for sapn but i'm not feeling the last one.


        • #94
          serious shit bro
          da last 1 kinda spoilt it
          but the other 2 made up for it


          • #95
            why ios there grids on that last sketch??

            thats SCREAMING out to me that uve COPIED it?


            • #96
              Why would i wanna copy a sketch and then say its mine ! when i can produce decent enough sketches myself .
              Have you looked at my previous posts?

              No mate there is grids in that sketch cus , when i goto paint it on a legal wall this friday with a bunch of kids to show them how to scale up an image!

              thats why i put grid on it ! or dont you know about scaling images?
              anyways that piece of paper is a print out of the actual wall , you can see the door there on the right
              thats how its gonna be sketched onto the wall .

              Only thing i dont like about my sketch is the Y could be better and the DJ's right arm is bending badly at the elbow , need to fix that .

              I can see how you came to that conclusion though , mistakes are easily made
              dont sweat it


              more sketchs to follow tomorrow


              • #97
                idk man ^

                but anywho here the lieon outline. ( i dnt like his letter =[ no disrespect to the man tho)

                and a new one i call "fish-n-harps!" lol


                • #98
                  fresh fuckin idea ... i would have picked razor wire ... but every writer has hi own ideas , dope character too nice facial expression


                  • #99

                    and sapn

                    thats why i put grid on it ! or dont you know about scaling images?
                    clearly i do, or i would not have picked up on the grids....

                    and you make a fair point so ill leave ya be, and yeah i did see your other work and thats what made me kinda eerie... but whatever man, i cant prove anything... but yeah...


                    • Sadik , fellin those outlines , i like the N in the lieon outline !

                      you fish n harp outline is nice , maybe a little to overcomplicated for my taste but really nice none the less , and i love the eyebrow line on the fish!

                      why fish and harps?

                      The other two outlines i posted first have grids because im putting them onto canvas 3 canvas width !

                      Echoz but thanks anyways for crits , appreciated neways
                      hopefully my future work will be able to twist your arm haha



                      • newish


                        • heres one that i just did for a battle
                          Last edited by krower; 08-21-2008, 05:33 PM.


                          • again that shit is fuckin nice... but the S is amazing lol how long u been writin bro


                            • 4 or 5 yrs thanks man, much appreciated..respect


                              • its so funny cuz the fool's name that was lucky enough to get the exchange was an out right T.O.Y, but whatever he's happy