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    • senr

      New Member
      what did w49 stand for??
      #1 February 3, 07 5:48pm


      I Own You
      "what did w49 stand for??"

      Let me tell you what w49 stood for,
      My man w49 taught me about how to bomb.
      How to really bomb. Efrin Mora lived in Los Angeles.
      he lived by Alemeda & Guage Ave.
      At the time DND crew had the whole block on lock.
      Whamo aka W49er was down with DND.
      W49 DND fucking everwhere, homie.
      Scribes, Tags, Throw-up's of his Infamous "W"
      W49 rocked with toomer tko, gin tnt, wisk & oiler coi.
      My man dubs was up as fuck in the late 80's and mid 90's
      across Los Angeles. When he settled down in 1999-2000
      in San Diego. Efrin got more into drugs than graffiti.
      I'm sad to say my friend passed away from too much hairon.

      W49er left a Wife, and 3 kids. Tragic how our best friends
      are here one munite.
      The next, we are praying for there forgivness.
      I miss my friend Efrin.
      To answer what did w49 stand for,
      "He was one of the realist writerz I ever met,
      He had rock tags on windows with mad style,
      at the same time he had throw-up's in hood.
      He was an all around great writer.
      In my neighborhood where I grew up,
      that dude was a fucking legend.
      He stood for real graffiti. Taging streets,
      rocking scribes on windows,
      catching throw-up's in the hood."
      That what Efrin Mora stood for.
      That what W49 was about.

      #2 February 3, 07 6:59pm
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