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    • petree

      Established Member
      #1 September 13, 06 6:13pm


      Established Member
      thats a big end to end
      #2 September 13, 06 6:14pm


      beat the system
      nace is by far my favorite writer. i think he was among the best in our generation
      Quote BENZ MT 513!!:
      i think its a gofer
      Ich schreibe den Graffiti!!!
      #3 September 19, 06 8:15pm


      New Member
      i agree
      #4 October 9, 06 8:19am

      mr merkin

      Established Member
      no doubt! nace was well ahead of his time.
      love to make suckers famous :singer
      #5 October 13, 06 4:19pm

      mr merkin

      Established Member
      check out the video "the art of storytelling" for some FRESH nace live action, along with the rest of those mayhem cats - they kill it!
      love to make suckers famous :singer
      #6 October 13, 06 4:20pm

      BelRoC !OF

      I Own You
      I watched that video evryday for over a month when I first got it. I still watch it once a month. __BEST SHIT EVER!!
      New Jersey RULE'S!!!
      NACE R.I.P.
      LORD BELROC I KNOW I ROCK http://deadspin.com/assets/resources/2008/02/stides.jpg
      #7 October 13, 06 4:26pm


      Master Member
      yes it does.
      #8 October 13, 06 4:40pm


      Junior Member
      the 619 like the 619 in cali?...any way nice train
      #9 April 21, 07 12:03am

      lust jao

      Junior Member
      rest in peace nace!
      dalusta jao
      #10 May 3, 07 1:42am


      shit i was luck to see this in san diego rollin by like a two in the morning
      #11 July 26, 07 8:49am
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