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      Rochester's Defacer Erasers

      Rochester's Defacer Erasers

      Now that itís warm outside, the city is ramping up its graffiti clean up efforts now that it's warm outside. From scraping to painting four men are on the move ridding Rochester of graffiti. They're called the Defacer Erasers. Tony Diaz says it's impossible because the problem never goes away. ďThe problem is big. It's getting bigger. I mean I'm out here doing this stuff every day. It seems the more I do the more the kids do," said Diaz.
      The city saw a 75% increase in graffiti last year alone. That's why this spring there are two two-man crews on the streets removing graffiti - instead of just one. Between paint, sandblasting costs and labor the city budgets $100,000 a year for the clean up. Tony says that's taxpayer money that could be spent on something better. "I mean walking by a person's house and writing on it there's no respect in that. Keep it on paper. Get a pen and pad do your tag on that," said Diaz.
      The Defacer Erasers take before and after pictures of the graffiti to keep on record. City Council is expected to vote on stricter graffiti laws next week. One of the proposed changes is forming a graffiti registry to track incidents for clean up and enforcement. "As the law sits now it's a slap on the wrist to deface a property with harder laws maybe they'll stop," said Diaz.
      Tony says he knows a sure way to get the culprits to stay out of the paint. "They need to be out here removing it and seeing all the things we have to do to remove it," said Diaz.
      City Council plans to vote on the legislation Tuesday, April 15th. In addition, the city is hoping to get $80,000 dollars of state funding to go towards graffiti removal in the northwest part of the city.



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    • SonOne

      Senior Member
      70% of the new writers these days learn graffiti from that wack marc ecko game. thats why its increased and thats why shits wack.
      #1 April 11, 08 10:42am


      Junior Member
      funny how that picture is from a legal wall...im guessing 90% of the people who saw that on the news thought it was just some building on the street.
      #2 April 11, 08 10:56am


      Senior Member
      thats a legal...... wow. what a waste. looks like scrawl and a throwup.
      #3 April 11, 08 10:58am


      Senior Member
      If this is legal then that place is fuckin up cause i see no pieces i see 1 throw and a bunch of tags
      #4 April 11, 08 11:02am


      Rochester is a city with a lot of decent chill spots. that wall is from one of the more popular spots. it got blown up and nothing rides there for to long anymore.
      #5 April 11, 08 11:45am


      the golden age of rochester has fallen all hail the mark ecko fools
      #6 April 11, 08 3:16pm

      BelRoC !OF

      I Own You
      "Keep it on paper. Get a pen and pad do your tag on that," said Diaz.
      For somebody to say that shows they just
      don't understand what graffiti art is all about.
      Ignorant people.......
      LORD BELROC I KNOW I ROCK http://deadspin.com/assets/resources/2008/02/stides.jpg
      #7 April 11, 08 3:50pm


      Junior Member
      yeah no kidding, it is a waste...not even worth painting anymore
      #8 April 11, 08 8:24pm

      still fly

      Established Member
      yeah thats a kgb throw up.
      #9 April 13, 08 6:17am


      Junior Member
      what the fuck you mean the golden age has fallen- bols is out there killin it in the streets- either you out there bombin or you ran home to momma-and if these stiff fools cant appreciate the art screw em god loves us. keep i T R eal
      no right no wrong- movin towards enlightenment- might have to leave it all behind...
      #10 April 13, 08 8:01am


      when kids learn graffiti from a videogame thats wack, kids buy mtn and wreck a legal wall-thats wack, kids go over old heads-wack.
      #11 April 13, 08 11:55am


      New Member
      yo i think our legal wall looks tight
      #12 April 15, 08 8:03pm


      Junior Member
      well then you must not have been familiar with it a few years ago when it was actually hard to find a spot without going over a piece. now its all garbage
      #13 April 16, 08 11:51am


      Junior Member
      all u pussy talk all that shit but dont put nothing up never heard of ya'll and prob. wont, theres a difference in talking about it and being about it no game influences here jus pure graff king da city twice in my life time. i seen graffrs come and go but im still here and pimping beeeooootttccchhh!
      #14 April 19, 08 2:16pm


      Junior Member
      theres plenty of good painting spots in da roc. problem is only real writers know where there at, keep searching young bucks.dont be scared to walk in the hood ha ha ha
      #15 April 19, 08 2:19pm

      stop 176

      we gets busy and taggs, stickers, mobils,bombs,pieces,scrappens,stencils,bloodstains, rooftops oh yea shout out to Heaven Dwellas and the Smash Brothers. any ways all elements take graffers soul to perform. i rather see writerz going work creating talk than legal beagel shit and talks about faggets getting married on the news. we r alive not dead. we r relevant we exist but i said BUT! WE HAVE TO KEEP IT REAL TO A DEGREE. the HFK .EBS. slogan is go hard or go home! marc ecko influence c'mon with that shit is wack. and i take flicks of my own shit, and others and thats why i get up hard since i was a youth because my moma coudnt afford toys so i never played with them. i go in to war "G" style because im hard body me and my p.n.c rumble through the ruffest shit. bloodstains twisted ankles taking out shoe laces to create a pully to get up buckets of paints and a radio like we camping out! and i cant tell you all the shit we go through to get up! however we dont do it for fame we leave fossils and dents wich create a story so motherfuckers thats coming up can use our oil to heat shit up or use as gas to K.I.M AKA keep it moving. so i will continue to take my.my.my.my.own flicks of my own shit. what the fuck i look like not posting up my own work what fucken graff code is that? and im not going to get my bitch to open a account on here to post my shit undercover. fuk out of here puregraffati.com wouldnt be at there best if they waited for some 1 to take a flick of your shit. because your not going to help me shine and help me appreciate my crew work. the rock crownd me and i wasn't even looking for no fame but freedom is what i found even the po-po give us props and want order graffs BUT! NO CAN DO "WE DONT KNOW SHIT WE WORK AT HOME DEPOT AND JUST GETTING OFF OFFICER" SO POST YO SHIT keep it REAL WRITERZ cause yall aint seen shit yet. BIGG CAHUNAAZ OVA HERE.I KNOW THEY KNOW HELLO HATERRRZ HFK AND EBS BEEN DOING CAPERRRRZ.
      #16 April 21, 08 8:55pm


      New Users
      toys needa start gettn cheked there all burnin out the streets
      #17 July 4, 08 3:15pm



      our legal wall is dope
      #18 July 25, 08 1:58pm


      Established Member
      #19 August 22, 08 5:22pm


      New Users
      these wak kids are giving roc city graf a bad name.
      Peace to all the heads out there keepin it real
      #20 October 29, 08 3:41pm
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