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    • yea thats where someone went over ste and posted a pic of it on here..shit got me goin.. had to go r... 12317.jpg
      real nikkas know..... what it doo styles..... g_0011.JPG
      fukin rookies..... this game isnt for everyone..gotta be in it for the long haul.. bet you they rat ... g_0011.JPG
      i had some chase at one of these spots...not many ways out feels like your trapped.cant believe i go... 101_0180.JPG
      dont hate kid be gettin up...in real spots... 101_0173.JPG
      thers a few li heads puttin in work... iv been doin my homework... SelfishOne7.JPG
      i got more ups then all you put together..... SelfishOne7.JPG
      this is a dope lil spot.... semp11.jpg
      find me some K and ill let you know....fo real tho not sure what spot u tlkin bout....been doin alot... DSC05023.jpg
      yooo i want some fukn K...... word... DSC05023.jpg
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    • sickkk
      by slim1
      fuck yea bump semp all day homie~!
      by D-ROCK
      danggggg semp u hit up tha lirr bad mannnnn buty i like it...infame mape!
      by MAPE!
      clean i geuss
      by Caboose
      mape ur a fagget
      by shor..fbc
      Got a 90's feel to it. I'm feelin this.
      by John Q
      dam u killed that wall yo....so did trybe lol...dam who went over def like that
      by syferone
      tite shit homie keep it up.. SEMP got a looooottta upsss.
      by illagen1
      smashing everything.
      by Beetle juice
      irish be gettin drunk like no one
      by gr@ffiend9