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      New Member
      I remember this kid..The early 90s had a nice little push in the way of long Island graffiti writers, and work getting done..There was a nice amount of fills all over sunrise highway, the expressway and southern state parkway with the likes of Kestar, Cue, Dash, Jerk, Ena, Reme, Mez, Aser, Exel,Cer, SBR, Kcr,Ser 71, Vert, Skep,Duner,Beck,Vec,Pheo,Dama,Sper,Risk, Racus, and many others from all around the island putting in mad work..Then they started buffing hard and not letting anything run for more then a minute and allot of people stopped due to the risk versus reward not being worth it..I wish we had that time back again..7deeone

      71..GHOSTCAN CREW..:sniper
      #1 March 20, 12 3:42pm
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