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    • mist-one

      Pg's Freak
      Quote Shin;407574:
      why the fuck did u leave me mon and just left mon that be bad mon misty be bad mon
      Sadley Rastafarian Just Didnt Quite Cut It For Shin. The Disclaimer: I do not condone, take part, nor endorse any form of vandalism or illegal activity's whatsoever. I may post/upload pictures, videos, talk about, etc etc, but everything I have ever had on this or any other site is either fake or not mine. Vandalism is wrong. I have never nor ever will do graffiti or any other illegal acts against the law. I Love My BUNNIES! http://e.deviantart.com/emoticons/j/jackdirt.gif Click Click Boom! Its Comin'
      #1 December 21, 08 1:00pm


      Junior Member
      pretty nice. :D
      :clap fotolog.com/mews13 :clap Failure to Prepare is Preparing to Fail
      #2 February 8, 09 4:55am


      Good good
      #3 April 8, 09 6:56am

      Geeked Up Taggers
      yeah, get some!
      Ultimately, you must forget about technique. The further you progress, the fewer teachings there are. The Great Path is really No Path. Don't tell me they sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon It's better to burn out than to fade away
      #4 April 15, 09 8:03am
      colossal clam

      Expert Member
      gewd shit
      http://i43.tinypic.com/b86bdd.gif If you are reading this then i have posted here and have seen this, enjoy the cats
      #5 April 16, 09 3:01pm


      i like it
      http://i289.photobucket.com/albums/ll236/n1ckname/gorillas.png :woot Nah!assjoint
      #6 June 16, 09 6:40pm

      Iso NEK09

      Never Ending Krew
      #7 June 20, 09 9:32pm
      [Image wwanbt.gif
      Hott Chorizo

      Macaulay Culkin

      dnt believe a lie, or yer life will bcome one I don't want to be a product of my environment. I want my environment to be a product of me. Originate, don't duplicate.
      #8 June 26, 09 5:51pm

      PBS x King.
      Nothing special.
      More into dusted fills n shit.
      "Put up or shut up!"
      #9 August 22, 10 7:53pm
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