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    • lasik

      Junior Member
      thats sick i like the shading on the 3d
      #1 July 18, 08 4:25pm


      dope shit
      #2 July 18, 08 8:54pm
      colossal clam

      Expert Member
      feelin that c for shizzle
      http://i43.tinypic.com/b86bdd.gif If you are reading this then i have posted here and have seen this, enjoy the cats
      #3 November 12, 08 9:13pm


      Junior Member
      i can dig it
      #4 February 2, 09 7:02pm


      Pg's Freak
      sick is fuckin right =P
      Quote Shin;407574:
      why the fuck did u leave me mon and just left mon that be bad mon misty be bad mon
      Sadley Rastafarian Just Didnt Quite Cut It For Shin. The Disclaimer: I do not condone, take part, nor endorse any form of vandalism or illegal activity's whatsoever. I may post/upload pictures, videos, talk about, etc etc, but everything I have ever had on this or any other site is either fake or not mine. Vandalism is wrong. I have never nor ever will do graffiti or any other illegal acts against the law. I Love My BUNNIES! http://e.deviantart.com/emoticons/j/jackdirt.gif Click Click Boom! Its Comin'
      #5 February 6, 09 12:19pm
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