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    • StreetPoet

      Expert Member
      #1 September 8, 06 10:22am

      SEmp 516

      Established Member
      dont admit shit u fuknn stupid rookies.....
      se r.i.p. MOM hope faith love
      #2 September 9, 06 8:05am


      Established Member
      I like how abused the word graffiti is, trying to reflect a negative word.

      how the kids bedroom was covered in "graffiti"
      its not illegal to paint you own fucking wall.

      but at the same time, any kids who drive around with a car full of paint tagging shit are kids looking to be caught.
      walking is where its at.
      #3 October 17, 06 9:43pm


      New Member
      s'all good, some of those cats are beasts
      #4 October 24, 06 5:23pm

      they admitted it ooooo no
      #5 November 1, 06 7:44am


      yeah there my boys and there still getting up to this day.
      #6 May 9, 07 6:20pm


      Junior Member
      those r my Fuckin boyz stop hatin on em
      #7 June 22, 07 1:18pm


      buckiln under pressure
      Cold Stares Evil Glares Hateful Eyes They Hate Our Lives
      #8 February 27, 08 4:02pm

      I Own You
      #9 March 8, 08 6:40am


      Master Member
      Who are you???
      #10 March 9, 08 11:08pm


      Junior Member
      they shouldn't have admitted anything
      then they probably woul've just gotten in trouble for the possesion of all the supplies
      #11 March 29, 08 11:18pm


      Junior Member
      a lie doesnt take long to come up with. and you dont have to explain yourself in detail. just generalized answers. cover anything up in plain site and try n lead the conversation in a different direction. makes them fluddered. act polite.
      :bonghit So much better...
      #12 May 12, 09 10:32pm
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