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      Rochester's Defacer Erasers

      Rochester's Defacer Erasers

      Now that it’s warm outside, the city is ramping up its graffiti clean up efforts now that it's warm outside. From scraping to painting four men are on the move ridding Rochester of graffiti. They're called the Defacer Erasers. Tony Diaz says it's impossible because the problem never goes away. “The problem is big. It's getting bigger. I mean I'm out here doing this stuff every day. It seems the more I do the more the kids do," said Diaz.
      The city saw a 75% increase in graffiti last year alone. That's why this spring there are two two-man crews on the streets removing graffiti - instead of just one. Between paint, sandblasting costs and labor the city budgets $100,000 a year for the clean up. Tony says that's taxpayer money that could be spent on something better. "I mean walking by a person's house and writing on it there's no respect in that. Keep it on paper. Get a pen and pad do your tag on that," said Diaz.
      The Defacer Erasers take before and after pictures of the graffiti to keep on record. City Council is expected to vote on stricter graffiti laws next week. One of the proposed changes is forming a graffiti registry to track incidents for clean up and enforcement. "As the law sits now it's a slap on the wrist to deface a property with harder laws maybe they'll stop," said Diaz.
      Tony says he knows a sure way to get the culprits to stay out of the paint. "They need to be out here removing it and seeing all the things we have to do to remove it," said Diaz.
      City Council plans to vote on the legislation Tuesday, April 15th. In addition, the city is hoping to get $80,000 dollars of state funding to go towards graffiti removal in the northwest part of the city.



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    • black-sabbath.gif

      I Own You
      #1 July 21, 08 12:07pm


      cincy writer
      who tags a house?!?
      #2 October 22, 08 1:01am

      LOSA KWC
      um graffiti artists
      Smile!rum 919 Bencher
      #3 October 22, 08 5:47am


      Your not supposed to tag a house...
      #4 October 29, 08 5:13am
      colossal clam

      Expert Member
      only if its your own house or your grandmas

      but ya thats pretty low if u tag someones house
      http://i43.tinypic.com/b86bdd.gif If you are reading this then i have posted here and have seen this, enjoy the cats
      #5 October 29, 08 7:35am


      Junior Member
      who ever tags someones house or a church is a complete fag and needs to quit writing. thats just gay.
      Nah!assjoint:bonghit Party On!
      #6 October 29, 08 9:08am


      Master Member
      there's reasons for everything. now let me teach you what my priest taught me and bend over punk.
      #7 October 29, 08 3:50pm


      Junior Member
      fuck tagging houses only a fuckin toy ass poser would do shit like that
      "Nobody ever listened to me until they didn't know who I was" -Banksy
      #8 November 12, 08 9:31pm


      Junior Member
      if the house is abandoned, its up for game.
      #9 December 16, 08 9:49pm

      PBS x King.
      Ya abandoned houses are up for grabs always! if ur tagn a person's house thas jus askn for heat
      "Put up or shut up!"
      #10 December 20, 08 3:09pm

      New Users
      Fat Sacks Crue.
      #11 January 8, 09 9:56am

      Cute but deadly
      FUCK FOX NEWS! fucking corporate pigs
      7*0*7 http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v33/yurigurrl/a692_thumb.jpg T*H*M
      #12 January 16, 09 7:42pm


      that was at legal wall. those fuckn idiots.
      #13 March 26, 09 12:34pm


      fuck a buff
      #14 May 7, 09 7:55am

      No Exit

      Senior Member
      "Tony says that's taxpayer money that could be spent on something better."

      I agree! So stop buffing graffiti, and spend it on something better!
      #15 May 8, 09 1:32pm


      New Member
      lol wow posers bombin houses......
      #16 January 28, 11 2:51pm


      master member
      drink a beer and get over it
      Create More Styles :guitar
      #17 January 28, 11 7:28pm
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