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    • Sinoe2

      Junior Member
      thats eddy isn't it
      #1 June 1, 07 2:22pm


      if eddys gravy
      then i guess so
      i seen some of ur ups in edmonton too
      shit brick:blah
      #2 June 5, 07 2:40am


      Junior Member
      i ment eddy as in edmonton, i would be name dropin on my buddies.

      yah i rolled through edmonton and cowtown with gravey last year, i think i did more drinking then painting though.
      #3 June 5, 07 12:38pm


      hahah my bad
      yeee i seen some like sinoe throw ups n shit
      and some gravy with like eater and hirok
      shit brick:blah
      #4 June 6, 07 7:20am

      Expert Member
      ya hirok came to calgs. but gravy was every-fuckin-were. dope shit,

      BOLR! BOLR!:passjoint
      #5 June 7, 07 11:27pm
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