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    • diminutive

      thats sweet
      #1 June 20, 08 12:37pm


      Junior Member
      Hell yeah
      #2 October 11, 08 6:16pm


      Junior Member
      you got some big balls...
      #3 October 18, 08 7:07pm


      #4 November 1, 08 6:35am


      who cares?
      big ups !!!

      thats pretty sweet !
      get up ... and get down... earn respect... and destroy the system !!! :chicken:sniper :woot
      Quote injury;281643:
      this is addressed to toys and new writers of all breeds: before you start, ask yourself: why am i doing this? the answer cannot be any of the following (and many more that I haven't listed) -because i want to destroy shit -because i did it in marc ecko's getting up, and i thought it was cool -because i'm "gangster" -because i'm a "rebel" or "punk" -etc... what you NEED to consider is that if you leave the house with cans, markers, stickers, and no thought or motivation in your head, you'll burn out. sorry, but it's true. you'll also make crappy graff, be a terrible writer, and of no benefit to our movement and hobby. often, people who have this problem change names constantly, searching for the spark of their own self-motivation, and it's almost always futile. instead, what i'm saying is, before you start, set goals, and continually self-improve. it's crucial that if you're gonna be serious about this that you make it your GOAL to always be putting something nicer and nicer out there; i'm not saying pieces only, you can bomb, but if you do, make it NICE! no dusty fills and drips and shit... make it look proper. having 100 shitty fills is gonna give you temporary fame but in the end hurt you, because you'll be remembered as a vandal, not an artist. true artists have their shit looking clean, proper, and legit each and every time... which believe it or not is one of the hardest things to do. it's not as fast as destroying an entire block, but think about it. what would YOU like to be remembered as?
      ------------------------------------------ i write ERAK1
      #5 February 26, 09 4:36am


      Junior Member
      #6 March 31, 09 1:00pm

      Geeked Up Taggers
      Get some!
      Ultimately, you must forget about technique. The further you progress, the fewer teachings there are. The Great Path is really No Path. Don't tell me they sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon It's better to burn out than to fade away
      #7 April 9, 09 11:25am


      Junior Member
      fuck tha police
      #8 April 12, 09 3:30pm


      #9 April 23, 09 10:07pm

      No Exit

      Senior Member
      #10 April 25, 09 12:37pm

      dimitri black

      Junior Member
      helzzzz yes
      #11 January 21, 10 5:26pm


      New Member
      Thats some gangsta shit ritght there
      #12 March 6, 10 5:19am


      New Member
      #13 March 25, 10 8:50am


      New Member
      fuck the police thats tight
      #14 March 25, 10 8:51am


      master member
      lol woooooooooop wooooooooooop
      Create More Styles :guitar
      #15 March 26, 10 6:20am

      PBS x King.
      Thas wassup.
      "Put up or shut up!"
      #16 April 13, 10 5:51pm


      Envi Elite
      in daylight?! damn man thats hardcore
      [U][U]Girlfriend or paint......... hmmmm. :crazy
      #17 January 21, 11 8:48pm


      New Member
      this gangsta
      #18 January 24, 11 7:17am


      New Member
      #19 May 23, 11 1:28pm

      Established Member
      Quick way to be most wanted graffer in the area :P
      :metralhadora 9 yrs and still spraying 2 bad i havnt improved much lol Smile!rink

      #20 June 8, 11 12:28pm


      New Member
      SYDNEY !
      #21 July 9, 11 3:15am
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